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ThermogramWilloughby Hills and Westlake, OH

  • What is Thermology?
  • Thermology is the medical science that derives diagnostic indications from highly detailed and sensitive thermograms or infrared images of the human body. It looks at blood flow, inflammation, and asymmetries, which can assess pain or detect early warning signs of breast cancer – potentially even before you feel a lump. It is an FDA approved adjunctive tool to be used in conjunction with physical breast exams, mammography (both screening and diagnostic), ultrasound, and MRI. It is used along with but not instead of mammograms, for example.


  • ● Can detect inflammation/cancerous cells prior to tumor growth and metastasis (spread of cancer)
  • ● No pain, compression, or radiation
  • ● Can differentiate between cancer, inflammatory foci, and normal physiology
  • ● Provides data on root causes of inflammation/pain/cancer– and vascular activity in the breast
  • ● Measures inflammation, therapeutic interventions, and their effects
Photo: Thermogram