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Food writer, cookbook author and renowned author of critically acclaimed books,

Michael Ruhlman focuses on Heinen’s and Dr. Todd Pesek in Ruhlman’s latest book entitled GROCERY — THE BUYING AND SELLING OF FOOD IN AMERICA.

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Michael Ruhlman Focuses on Heinen’s Grocery Store and Dr. Todd Pesek

Hippocrates said "Let food by thy medicine!" Heinen's Chief Medical Officer, Todd Pesek, M.D. describes the supermarket of the future as a blend of food supply, farm, conscious consumerism and health care. So notes Michael Ruhlman in his recently released book, GROCERY -- THE BUYING AND SELLING OF FOOD IN AMERICA. Originally from Cleveland, Ruhlman has made his mark on the food scene and the best seller list as the author of critically acclaimed books, collaborator on several bestselling cookbooks and a food writer for the New York Times and leading food magazines. He is also a James Beard Award winner.

In this latest book, Ruhlman explores the grocery store business. Inspired by his grocery store-loving father and drawing from his own childhood grocery store experiences, Ruhlman looks at the grocery store business through the lens of Cleveland's own Heinen's chain of stores founded in 1933 by Joseph Heinen and operated today by his grandsons, twin brothers Jeff and Tom. The grocery business has changed much from grandfather's time to grandsons' time. It is changing now and will change more in the years to come. This is the story Ruhlman tells.

Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D. is a founder and practitioner at VitalHealth Partners, an innovative, preventive, integrative, holistic healthcare practice serving northeastern Ohio since 2008. In 2010, Heinen's leveraged Dr. Todd to also be their health expert and eventually chief medical officer. As Ruhlman points out, perhaps the first chief medical officer of any grocery store anywhere. This says a lot about Dr. Todd and it says a lot about Heinen's.

The grocery store, as an extension of the farm, is the doctor's office of the future.So quotes Ruhlman of Dr. Todd as Dr. Todd describes the vision shared by himself and the executive leadership at Heinen's. "You have to farm it, get it from the farm to the grocery store, and from the grocery store to the consumer's kitchen, and teach them how to do that (eat healthfully) and why it's important. We're doing that at the grocery store."

Interested in knowing more? You've got to read the book! It's available through VitalHealth Partners, your local bookstore, online and your local library.


( Hint: If you want to zero in on Dr. Todd in the book, check out Chapters 12, 13 and 14! )


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Dr. Todd joins Bernie Kosar on Channel 19's Sports Zone to talk about health and wellness:

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