Three Step Eat Yourself Super Success

Take a tour to a longer, happier life with Dr. Todd. Explore how a positive mental attitude and outlook can add 13 years to your life. Find ways to have achieve a deeper connection to your natural environment. Subsisting on healthy superfoods that are more accessible than you may realize. Dr. Todd delivers meaningful and practical strategies to a SUPER LIFE.

Eat Yourself Super and Smart Supplementation

Medically trained root doctor, Dr. Todd Pesek, teaches us how to fight toxicity and trauma through a practical approach to managing our health. Dr. Todd views the local health food store as the new Dr's office and gives us specific ways to achieve a greater sense of health and well being. Explore Dr. Todd's 4 Step Strategy to great health.

Eat Yourself Super, NOW!

Learn the basics to a long and gratifying life through Dr. Todd Pesek's popular approach to health and wellness. Dr. Todd is a medically trained root doctor who has liberated thousands from the shackles of pharmaceuticals through diet, lifestyle and supplementation. Dr. Todd teaches us how to stop inflammation, speed up our metabolism and fight fat and sugar toxicity with a superfood diet.

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Four Main Types Of Alternative Medicine

Four Main Types Of Alternative Medicine

Patients can benefit from access to alternative medicine and the ability to choose a treatment type that works for their specific condition. With the ability to have a different method of healing and treatment, patients often experience more or faster relief from symptoms and better long-term health outcomes.We offer alternative modes of healing in our…

What Can YOU Do To Avoid Any Viral Illness, Including COVID   ?

What Can YOU Do To Avoid Any Viral Illness, Including COVID-19?

We strongly encourage that you all support and strengthen your immunity as compromised immunity is exactly what puts you at risk. Maintain a positive mental state, optimism—spend time daily in gratitude, meditation, and/or prayer  Exercise most days of the week  Spend time in nature Make good food choices, such as superfoods (plant based, nutrient dense, calorie sparse foods),…