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People often look for ways to improve their health, general wellness, and overall performance. Additionally, many who suffer from nagging conditions, or need general physical and mental recovery, welcome a way to find relief. Besides cold, heat can be one of the most useful tools for achieving these bodily goals.

The use of heat has been prevalent throughout much of human history. It has a variety of therapeutic benefits, including performance enhancement, recovery, relaxation, improving general health, and much more. Increasing the core temperature for brief periods is an effective way to utilize the therapeutic properties of heat, and a tool that can achieve this is with an infrared sauna.

At VitalHealth Partners in Willoughby Hills, we provide infrared sauna services. Our team can assess patients and supply them with information and access to a sauna. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call 440-571-0006 today.

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        What Is an Infrared Sauna

        An infrared sauna (or infrared therapy cabin) is an enclosure that contains infrared panels and various controls. These panels emit infrared light waves (the same wavelengths that make the sun feel warm), which the human body detects as heat. The skin absorbs these waves, and they cause the body’s temperature to increase.

        Infrared saunas can operate at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna but deliver the same or better results. These types of saunas heat the skin far more than they heat the air around the individual. The combination of these things typically makes the infrared sauna more efficient, as the user can reap the benefits of heat therapy in a more tolerable environment than a traditional sauna.

        With infrared sauna treatment, we can help patients with detoxification, sleep issues, relief from sore muscles, skin health, improving circulation, and more. We will go over the possible benefits and if this treatment is the right choice for the patient during an appointment.

        What Is Infrared?

        Infrared is one of the various types of visible and invisible light emitted by our sun. This energy is what makes the sun feel warm, and ultraviolet light waves are what make it bright. All objects emit infrared light waves, but the most noticeable sources we know of are fire and the sun.

        Within the infrared light spectrum are three main categories, each of which has characteristics and provides its own benefits. They are:

        Near infrared

        This infrared wavelength is the shortest of the three; however, it penetrates the deepest. Near infrared easily bypasses water, enabling it to heat up the body’s core effectively. It can also modulate biological activity (photobiomodulation), assisting in cellular energy production, repair, and healing.

        Mid infrared

        Water molecules capture some of this medium length wave of infrared light; however, some pass through to the body’s core. This type of infrared light can increase circulation via vasodilation, which allows the transportation of blood and oxygen to areas in need. Additionally, these waves can encourage wound healing and cellular repair, as well as increase heart rate and metabolism.

        Far infrared

        Far infrared wavelengths penetrate the body and activate sweat glands. They are the waves that are closest to the heat our bodies naturally emanate and are easily absorbed by water molecules. This wavelength produces a frequency that encourages cells to release toxins, which the person later expels out of their body via sweat, urine, feces, and exhalation.

        Benefits of Infrared Sauna

        People across various cultures and civilizations have utilized heat therapy and sauna for centuries. The benefits of sauna, and infrared sauna, in particular, have been widely reported by users and research scientists alike. In recent years, some research studies show that there are a variety of infrared-based health benefits.

        Infrared saunas can provide a wide array of benefits which include relaxation, weight loss, detoxification, muscle and joint recovery, and muscle growth. Sauna advantages also include clearer skin, anti-aging effects, increased circulation, enhanced immune function, lasting energy, increased athletic endurance increased athletic endurance, and overall performance enhancement.

        Traditional Versus Infrared Sauna

        Infrared saunas and traditional saunas utilize the same basic concept: they emit heat toward and around a user, all within an enclosed space. The key difference is how these two saunas use heat. Traditional saunas use a single heater that warms the air, and the air is what heats the user. Alternatively, the heat from infrared waves directly warms the person in an infrared sauna, while only a small percentage of the air is heated.

        Besides heating methods, infrared and traditional saunas have differences in temperature and energy consumption. Infrared saunas operate at a lower temperature because they require less heat to affect the body, and they typically require less power to run.

        What Is the Infrared Sauna Process Like?

        Patients must hydrate before using an infrared sauna, due to the water loss that occurs through profuse sweating once the sauna heats up. Typically, people sit in these saunas anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, but our patients may get out of the sauna whenever they please. Additionally, patients may choose between a range of temperatures, although if the patient is less experienced in infrared saunas, we recommend going with a lower temperature.

        Typically, users will not wear anything in the sauna, but it is entirely up to the person whether to wear any clothes or not. During their time in the sauna, patients can meditate, read, listen to music, or relax (but we advise that users do not sleep inside the sauna). Once done, we recommend the patient cools down for a brief time, hydrates, showers, and changes back into their clothes if they disrobed before using the sauna (or a clean change of clothes if they did not).

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        Dr. Todd Pesek, MD aims to provide patients with a system optimized for vital living through vitamin repletion, purification, detoxification, anti-aging medicine, and longevity practices. Our team at VitalHealth Partners can help patients restore their overall health with an infrared sauna. Call our office at 440-571-0006 to schedule an appointment or learn more.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I use the infrared sauna if I am sick?

        Do not use the infrared sauna if you are sick, have a fever, or feel unwell. Please refrain from using the sauna until you are well again or have had permission from our doctor to do so.

        How is an infrared sauna different from a traditional sauna?

        A traditional sauna uses a heat source to heat the air, which heats the user. An infrared sauna warms the user more efficiently because infrared waves can permeate the user’s body, and they typically do so at a lower temperature.

        Why do people use infrared saunas?

        Many utilize infrared for their numerous benefits. Everyone from professional athletes to everyday folks enjoys infrared saunas for things like detoxifying, muscle recovery, skin health, and much more.

        Will I burn calories while in an infrared sauna?

        Patients will likely burn a substantial amount of calories while in the infrared sauna. They will also lose water as they sweat and may become dehydrated, so patients should hydrate before and after their treatment.