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Vitamin Therapies

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Support Immunity
Immunigize Infusion:
Support your immune system with antioxidants and more. A powerhouse blend of zinc, vitamin C and glutathione are complemented by B vitamins for balance, and magnesium for calmness.*
Support Digestion
Digestion Support Infusion:
Incorporate amino acid glutamine to heal and promote a healthy gut lining. Gain additional inflammatory balance support with vitamin C, energy-packed B vitamins and magnesium.*
Support Cardiovascular Health
Metabolize Infusion:
Burn fats and lipids faster. Address the key concern of fat toxicity with specifically curated amino acids like carnitine to increase fat metabolism.*
Vascular Support Infusion:
Promote artery health and support blood vessel lining with arginine, magnesium and B vitamins.*
Boosts (Infusion Add-Ons)
Vitamin B12:
Regain your energy and banish sluggishness.
Replenish your antioxidants and support liver detoxification. Glutathione is a master antioxidant that supports all three pillars of health: immune, digestive and cardiovascular.
Regain Energy Support System
Vitamin D Injection:
Improve cognition, mood, and sleep. Vitamin D has epigenetic effects that enable you to express your genes and mitigate your risk of disease, including immune support.
B12 Injection:
Activate proper cellular metabolism, support healthy blood levels, and preserve nerve and brain function.
B complex Injection:
Convert sugar, fat and protein into energy. Support healthy blood flow and blood vessel lining.
* Also available as an injection
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